réflexion sur les problèmes de diététique

How to properly interpret your weighing?

This question is worth to be asked. Most of you will use the scales to define what food intakeand mood they’ll have along the day.

This figure will hit you as soon as you go on your scales!

Here are some advice to avoid such mistakes:

Regarding the scales ‘sideit’s necessary to adjust the scales from time to time. Take a 1kgweight and look at the difference on the scales each week and adjust. All machines can easily disrupt. The more often you weigh, the greater the margin for error.

Regarding the scales ‘side again, take a level (you know the one with the little bubble of water inside) and check the floor level. The inclination of the ground will cause a variation on the level/scales.

Still regarding the scales ‘side, put your feet precisely on the scales, not too much ahead or back, don’t lean too much or the figure will vary.

Regarding the human’s body sideweigh the total of your food intake of the day beforeeating. Do the same with your drinks. Then, weigh everything that goes out your body, I mean your stools and your water losses, sweat… (How? I don ’t really know).

Weighing on an empty stomach? The expression means “without having eaten anything”. But we can weigh after eating and drinking. You just have to deduct the weight of your intakes.

From there it’s possible to have a good analysis of the weight on the scales. Many parameters vary the weight on the scales, sometimes up to 500 grams or more.

But what doesn’t say your scales? … You may see “a perfect weight” in your ideal. It’s not a problem except if you refuse to eat the energy needed for a proper body functioning (one of the criteria for anorexia nervosa). Because the scale won’t tell you your body’s energy requirements. Neither let you know about your hunger sensations or satiation. (Weight-based health surveys are not realistic as you may consciously eat under your needs or even in an anarchic way)

The weight is a characteristic of the body not its value. To weigh is like: to take only one characteristic of your body into account and not your entire body and that leads to misunderstandings on the needs that make your body work properly.

Your body is « alive » and everything that’s alive varies. The unstable tends towards stability”.

Metabolism (anabolism and catabolism) says the construction and destruction phenomenonthat varies on the body rhythm. The body grows, aged and the linear reading of metabolism is not possible.

Contemporary ideologies make it difficult to understandThey simplify each natural phenomenon to make it understandable but also to point a guilty. The weight as the basic metabolism is still understood those days like the old concept of the “human = machine” and so intake/loss.

How many times have you heard about your body functioning with fuel like a car? If the tank’s capacity is 50L, the body sometimes needs a full tank to be functional!

To finish with guilt about your weight, one thing but difficult to do: change your means of reference and don’t weigh anymore!

Not to not see the figure on the scale but only not to interpret your body functioning only because of what you see on the scales (pay attention: some variation may inform you of some body dysfunction).

Move from weight to body, from inertia to life. It is no longer a question of seeing the consequences but the proper functioning.

So when you are eating, you make your body work and it’s no consequence on your weight.

By coming back to the interpretation of your sensations and by knowing your proper needs, you’ll be able to get free from that weight problem!

 Traduit par Nathalie Decoo de l’association Belge des troubles alimentaires

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