Dietetic: different times of care

Complementary to the introduction of the conference – conference Paris 24th june – IDF-TCA network
It is to point, even to celebrate, the reflection’s time that organizers toke this morning: “dietetic: different times of care”. Yes, for the first time in a conference in which I participate, I hear the word « care ». What a “revolution” and I kindly thank the organizers to point this out. 

We are simply at the beginning of the recognition of a discipline which today asks for radicalizing itself as well as patients that it radicalizes.

When we meet a dietician, the first idea of his work is to put ourselves on a suitable diet, which is not for me an idea of ​​dietetic care but a posture. 

There is care because the suffering is of course present for the patient. But what does he suffer exactly from? WEIGHT.

Snag, there’s a snag, could a weight be suffering? Of course not, the patient suffers of its idea and reality of weight. The diet becomes therefore the appropriate response to the weight problem.

“Diet to lose weight, diet to gain weight and diet not to take weight anymore”, all boils down to a link that becomes pathological and that is created by the diet itself « food – weight ».

While in care, it is the living suffering body we face, not the body resumed to the aesthetic exterior features, nor only to biological interior components and not just its feelings. No, the body is all of these “fragments + the living.” The living that imposes a rhythm to the body as to the care. The care fits in the heart of this rhythm and more than a fear of gaining weight this may be a fear of the “acceleration of time” that lives the patient and in an emergency for caregivers.

“Kaïros” in philosophy means the “right moment”, that moment where care is adapted to reality. “Before it’s not the time, after neither is it.” In this proposal, only time is variable, care is posture. We should leave that posture, the symbol of what’s fixed, to enter in time and let place to an ethic thought creating dietetic care flexible and adapted to all suffering encountered.

I propose therefore to move our exchanges rather to a reflection addressing « the different dietary treatments in time”


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