Anorexia a pleasure to loose a weight…

« Recent scientific research takes us to conceive the problem of anorexia nervosa in a new way.
Prof. Gorwood proposes to explore the concept of « pleasure to lose weight» rather than « fear of fat” in the problem of anorexia nervosa.
My philosophical thoughts – in medical and hospital ethics – had already made me put the debate on weight differently.
Firstly the fact to confuse weight with the body itself is the main error in the field of dietetics. This immediate confusion products inappropriate logical thoughts such as reducing food intake to lose weight, like to imagine the loss of weight between two daily weighing. There are so many methodological biases that it is to be said that this immediate sense, the relationship weight/food, is necessarily false.
Secondly the weight will determine a mobile of our food act, that is to say an end or a goal as “modern” would say. The end in itself is available in 3 different ways, covered by the same idea of weight:
Wanting not to take or lose weight,
Want to lose weight ,
Want to gain weight.
We can observe the weight as common denominator of actions governing our food intake. It is here that we could make a comparison with the pleasure to weight loss. Attitudes related to weight always lead our food intake to observe a loss of weight or no weight gain in the first two cases. In the latter case, subtlety is more difficult to highlight and for the moment I can only conclude to that false link maintained between weight and diet.
In opening thought: if there is a link between weight and diet still existing, feeding behavior remains problematic. »
Translate by Nathalie Deco from ABensemble Belgium


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