réflexion sur les problèmes de diététique

Venturi effect & food behaviour

The Venturi effect is observed in fluid mechanics, and explains that \ ‘s based on a given point, the pressure at point 1 increases / 2 and the point about the speed, it is more significant as one 2/point . you know all this, when the summer evenings, you water your plants. you pinch the hose \ watering. point 1 is before your thumb and point 2 is found at the exit of the pipe. pinching, you increase the output speed \ ‘s water. you can sprinkle away from plants sometimes inaccessible. if we take it for the eating disorders: in \ the whole day, the subject tries to resist food intake (when hunger is still present). So if you look at early Food is almost zero. by cons pressure is important. mid \ ‘s afternoon goes \’ s effect venturi flow food will explode, be very rapid, uncontrolled and much longer. by cons, pressure food it will disappear over time phenomenon. Finally, a flow is therefore more suitable food that \ ‘pressure led by the food \ venturi effect to a loss of food control.

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