The « sacrosanct: balanced eat »

Yesterday, in consultation, I watched again this new confusion. Today, the plan was changed to « eat healthy ». Our prevention has worked so that people with a difficult relationship to food, are forced to their health to follow the newrecommendations: all prohibited at all allowed.
There is an error because the professional problem is that patients and professionals remain in the hope of moving the balance and therefore weight loss.
Finally they are all locked up in thoughts focused on diet and weight.

For my part I consider that eating is « energy needs at a physiological hunger, for food that I choose to agree with my idea of ​​fun and well-being. »
So if I take care of me, I listen, respect me, I take care of me, I spend less time on bcp fight against hunger, thinking about food and my body image. Whichspontaneously removes the critical behavior on body image.
The most important thing now is to learn to reduce interference in our practices. To do this, professionals must be formed, read, and especially in English to accompany the best patients.

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