réflexion sur les problèmes de diététique

(a trial) The death: is the (hunger) end Life (Understand in french « hungry »/End some pronociation…)

What a dismal way, I confess. For some time in consultation, I meet people who have problems with the « end … » something (from life) or the loss of a loved one (I will discuss later the relationship Weight Loss / lose).
Feeding behavior results in difficulties in identifying satiation, which corresponds to the end of hunger. The fullness is beyond all the time, and sometimes the famous « bloody damn for » clicks. The end of the meal is done by a new pain corresponding to an excess. In this situation, the meal is flanked by two physical pain, hunger and the end of hunger, finally as an endless cycle that never ends.
It is important to remember that hunger is a « pain » felt in the stomach. From here you can imagine the confusion at the level of messages sent by the body and especially the interpretation that the head is (read « TOC and ritual food security »).
As we learn from the Stoics, we should use the suffering (among others), welcoming them, to overcome them and engage in the « yes » to life.
Because very often, and we learn today, hunger must be controlled like émotions.Refuser to live their suffering is to wear such a « burden in itself », by cutting this part self (repressing). Faced with the end of hunger is a duality between the head and body. To relieve this suffering, we refuse to accept the end of hunger in the pursuit of food intake.
One can find also the phenomenon of anticipation which is expressed; to live in fear of hunger later in time (in the afternoon for example), I will continue to eat to relieve my fear intellectual. So it is a commitment on « no » to life (NB: « Elements of Philosophy angelic » Denis Marquet).
To alleviate this fear I will continue to eat when my instinct tells me that I no longer hungry.
By becoming aware of this difficulty with the end of hunger and the birth of fear of hunger, you can overcome it by listening to your instincts. As for hunger, we must welcome suffering to know and define its needs at that moment « t ». By accepting its presence, then we can go live and support life as eating is living. Refuse to feel hungry, it’s refusing to eat so it’s an end of life.
Returning to the post as I want to carry a new momentum of life. Because I’m hungry for life and I am committed to the « yes » to life, then accept the end of life and I am free to live the present moment.

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Une réflexion sur “(a trial) The death: is the (hunger) end Life (Understand in french « hungry »/End some pronociation…)

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