réflexion sur les problèmes de diététique

Pavlov and food intake emotional (a trial by NS)

Note that I have no conflict of interest with pharmaceutical industry, association or group of food industry and finally with a scientific society promoting the consumption of a food class.

Many people in consultation asks me, « from which my attitude of » eat sugar (or whatever) « when I’m not good »?

What I am proposing today is a « test » of an origin of this behavior. This « test » is based on my current knowledge and my professional experience.

As the title suggests, I find some approximation in the packaging of the act of eating. For the record, the experience of Pavlov was to associate a stimulus (sound of the bell) with an object (food) and watch the reaction in dogs. This experience is more interesting than one.

Indeed, the dog, by reflex, generates saliva during the presentation of the food. So the dog « treats » his bell with the presentation of food, because when the sound of this Pavlovian bell without food the dog saliva as well.

Now transfer this experience in the person responding to a « state of mind » regarding food. « The state of mind » is the sound of bell, that can be considered as the sound of bells, to be present or not (thinking about a problem situation or felt sense) and therefore the reflex response, c is to take food.

That provides food intake is interesting to observe: the acquisition of « welfare » (although it is known that this causes another problem of guilt to the act). I get the extinction of suffering for a short time which allows me to make me happy. Selected foods (they are, unlike a binge where there is loss of control, not choice) make clear the « bad home » and one can ask if the food does not allow for offer this small « comfort », it has been a shift to other objects? (Compulsive shopping, drugs, sex, alcohol …).

I think it’s for a long time that we learn this association emotion (negative) – unhappiness – food intake – Wellness – guilt.

Experience during childhood, for example, a family member offers of food so that a particular situation and a source of unhappiness is driven to occur on a shorter or longer time (bereavement, conflict parental, family …).

Therefore, we live an experience that you mark as a breast / body (may be the origin of the frequency in women than in men?): Improvement of the « mood » by food intake by a third. I also assume that a person can experience, because the object of relief (food, drugs, …) is available and allows the extinction of suffering.

So it is important to recover from the conscience with the help of a professional to get you out of the problem.

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