The figure of fear

All figures connected with the weight of an individual creates anxiety. Whether the number of current weight, or purpose, or that should be a
Meet, they all generate fear.

Daily, the weight will be evaluated by a scale, which will ultimately conditioned the mood of the day. Figure indicating a decrease or due weight found, allows a « slight » relief to the moral as well as food control. Because we can determine a positive correlation between food control (limiting cognitive) and morale. In contrast, the correlation between food intake and weight is not measurable. Indeed, many parameters in the « I » as the period of menstruation, water retention, bowel movement … In a summary of the body being alive, we can not measure a reliable value.

Unfortunately, what is imagined by the subject suffering the weight it should be frozen, as motionless in time (see post on the opposite of mobility).

So every morning, and sometimes several times a day, weight causing it to be measured correlates of pain control has become more restrictive.

Another link can be made with respect to the body. Weight control is often to disappear body parts that we hate. Often in the hips and thighs. There is a confusion between the width of the hips, « needed to be a woman » and being overweight.
So it is important to understand that the weight can not play on the width, against trying to manipulate the power increases our suffering.

Finally, the weight generates the suffering of everyday life, and I invite you to observe the difference in spending your days without you weigh.

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