réflexion sur les problèmes de diététique

The body is hell

For one of my favorite bibliographic references « elements of philosophy Angelique » by Denis Marquet, citing study Tariq Demens « made with a hell because hell is to be both » found in this book.

Here is a link I suggest the problem of feeding behavior;

Every morning, a ritual ensures a « false security » in the individual suffering from a report his body from the assessment body by weighing and the fact of looking in the mirror or not, the will project on feeding behavior has adapted his suffering.

To avoid suffering and reduce I choose to engage in a food choice that calms my fears. The main « that of becoming fat. »

The spirit, restless fears, develops an obsession throughout the day to calm this fear, the mind will control food intake. The choices are always regressive because they are in line to relieve the tension.

In parallel, the body itself will speak throughout the day with a feeling of hunger.

Then the subject becomes living hell to be two because the head and body are out of sync and opposite. The head is the seat of obsessive thoughts.Thoughts are the origin of our suffering and the hell that we live: to have as a second voice that controls us and therefore we stray.

What solution? Living in harmony. That is to say to that between body and mind, not thoughts. Just be with you and caring. It asks you to practice and experience of everyday life that over time will allow you to let go.

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